Prandi USA Style Hatchet PRA0709B - IATF Spec:

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Meets IATF spec for comp use.

This model is on the edge of the IATF weight limit, we have weeded out any that are over weight and you will get one that meet spec:.

- Model: PRA0709B
- Prandi USA Style Hatchet
- Weight: 2.45 pounds
- 15" overall
- 7" black finish carbon steel axe head
- 4" cutting edge
- Pry end
- Ash wood handle
- Bulk packed
- Made in Italy

Prandi USA Style Hatchet. 15" overall length, 7" black finish carbon steel axe head with 4" cutting edge, Pry end, Ash wood handle, Bulk packed, Made in Italy.

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Product Brand Prandi Axes
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